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概述:环保节能:Environmental protection and energy saving:节能减排一直是国产商用车企业探索未来发展非常重要的一个方向,特别是在现有
Environmental protection and energy saving:
Energy saving and emission reduction has always been a very important direction for domestic commercial vehicle enterprises to explore the future development, especially in the case of the continuous low price of existing diesel, the economy of such short distance transport vehicles can not be fully reflected by the selection of LNG or CNG clean fuel in the existing environment, so the important task of environmental protection and energy conservation is still based on diesel vehicles.
In 2016, the CIFA construction engineering equipment manufacturer controlled by Zoomlion launched a concrete mixer with plug-in hybrid power. As a pioneering work in energy saving and emission reduction of similar vehicles in the world, the turning machine of mixing tank is provided with reliable power by lithium battery pack, which can be charged during concrete transportation and waiting for loading.
Under the condition that European commercial vehicle enterprises reduce noise and pollutant emissions and improve air quality as the necessary premise for legal road operation, under the condition of canceling diesel engine to provide power for turning engine, vehicle fuel consumption is reduced by 30%, carbon emission is reduced by 20%, and noise is reduced to 10 dB.
CIFA's concrete pump truck is an ideal solution for concrete castings in enclosed spaces, such as constructing tunnels, using motors in tunnels to achieve zero emission standards, and providing better working conditions for workers.
The lithium-ion battery with capacity of 90kw can meet the requirements of four times of concrete transfer, the high-speed DC charging system with power of 220kw can complete the charging work within 18 minutes; the standard AC power supply system can complete the energy supply through industrial socket in 4 hours.
CIFA not only has obvious advantages in energy saving and emission reduction, but also contributes to the lightweight of tank. This 9m3 model named SL9 series has been improved in mixing volume (6.5m?), convenient maintenance and mixer bracket material.
The tank body is made of wear-resistant materials with different thicknesses according to the stress conditions at different positions, especially in the center part of the tank which is most vulnerable to concrete corrosion, a 3 mm aluminum alloy lining plate with excellent durability is incorporated.
The inner spiral structure adopts 450hb steel blade with lighter weight and better hardness, which can obtain larger mixing volume and lower center of gravity, so as to provide better stability for the vehicle.
At present, this SL9 lightweight tank mixer installed on CIFA can control the curb weight of 15.5 tons and the concrete bearing capacity can reach 16.5 tons, which meets the rigid requirements of the maximum weight limit of 32 tons for 4-axle truck in various countries and regions in Europe.
At present, the minimum curb weight of lightweight concrete mixer truck of the same type in China can reach 16.5 tons. The main heavy-duty parts appear on the tank body and other related auxiliary parts, and a large number of hard steel. In the process of future lightweight vehicle launch, the adoption of safer and more reliable alloy / aluminum alloy parts under the premise of ensuring safety is also the benchmark for the innovation of upper decoration enterprises.

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